Tuesday, January 12, 2010

High Hopes Samples

Hi there, if you're just stopping by be sure to scroll down for my earlier post. As promised here's the High Hopes Stamps samples I wanted to share:

First up is this oh so cute little girl with the kittens in her basket, one of the images I had to have...

Next would be the brunette of the boy and icecream with his dog, another cute one I had to have.

The last one is the blonde boy version of the above card. So much fun to color.

I purchased these stamps with some Christmas money from 7 Kids College Fund what fast shipping too, just what everyone who has done business with them has said. Large selection to choose from too.

Oh if you've read any of my prior posts you'll see that I've had nothing but trouble with my camera & I think my DD & I figured out why looks like the problem wasn't the camera but the Kodak gallery software I was using to download my cards. We figured out how to download them without it and I was able to get every picture I had on my camera downloaded. Awesome, I'm so happy! Well thanks for stopping by today, hope you have a great day!

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Rose Petal said...

Hi Deanette. Your cards are lovely. Great images with lovely colour combinations. Well done. Have a lobvely evening.
Love Sandra xx