Sunday, August 16, 2009

More to Share!

Here's a notepad & post-it note pad covered using more Sewn Together Digi Stamps for back to school:

I colored the Cammi the caterpillar more like a caterpillar than a worm like I thought it was at first... wow... The Halen the hair is colored in pink & the other in grey. Here's a few pictures from Tug Fest:
Illinois swept Iowa 11-0 two years in a row, the ladies even won their tug! First time my husband, daughter & I attended & what a fun time as you can see we had a good spot! Looks like we'll be making plans to attend next year too! The town, Port Byron consists of a population of 1600, small town.

Anyway a few more digi companies are looking for design team members so I hope to apply & become a designer soon! I'll post more samples of wedding cards I did soon! So come on back! Hope you have a great day!

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